Personalized Tutoring

At any stage of the reading and/or writing process, students are welcome to receive personal feedback from a trained tutor. Tutors will assess students’ needs, help students with their readings, aid students in the development of essay outlines, assist students with the completion of workbooks, and so on. To get the most out of a personalized one-on-one tutoring session, we recommend that students jot down the areas of study that they want to review with their tutors before meeting with one and tell their tutors their specific concerns.

If this was a tutoring session focused on writing, the tutor, during the 30 minute session, will develop a study plan, which serves as a guide to help students complete their assignments. Students will receive either a “Yellow” study plan, which permits students to get additional tutoring assistance in the Reading and Writing Center’s Guided Practice Tutoring area, or a “White” take home study plan, which details what students need to review in order to complete their assignments at home. “White” take home study plans may be used for addition tutoring in the Reading and Writing Center’s Guided Practice Tutoring area as well. Click here to learn more about Guided Practice Tutoring.

While students may walk-in and get personalized one-on-one reading and/or writing tutoring without an appointment, the wait to see a tutor may take longer than some students anticipate. Hence, we strongly encourage students to make an appointment to see a tutor one-on-one.