Guided Practice Tutoring

Exclusive for FYE students.

After a one-on-one tutoring session, students will be given a choice to stay at the Reading and Writing Center to receive continued tutoring support for their assignment. If students choose to stay at the Reading and Writing Center for assistance, they will receive “Guided Practice Tutoring.”

Unlike a personalized one-on-one tutoring session, Guided Practice Tutoring focuses on helping students complete their assignments through guided “activities.” Before giving students activities, tutors will review students’ work and explain what is missing or needed. Tutors will teach students how to fix those issues. Tutors will then assign an “activity” that the student will complete. In completing the activity, students not only learn and reinforce writing strategies, but students also complete small parts of their assignments at a time. Once students complete the activity, tutors will check it to see if the activity was completed correctly. If the activity was not completed correctly, the tutor will identify why the activity was not completed correctly and teach the student a different way of completing the task. Once the activity is completed satisfactorily, tutors move on to help students with the next step in their assignment.

Students may stay as long as they like while receiving “Guided Practice Tutoring.”