Make an Appointment for the Main Campus

Service Description: Students may make an appointment to meet with a tutor face to face at the Reading and Writing Center. This location has the most tutors; however, tutors get booked quickly. Therefore, we recommend students who make appointments at Main Campus to make an appointment 1 week in advance.
Service Description: Exclusive for FYE students. Students who have met with a tutor one-on-one on an assignment may get tutoring assistance with that same assignment without an appointment. To begin, students ask the receptionists at the front desk for the "Yellow" revision plan that students received from after their one-on-one tutoring sessions. Once students receive their "Yellow" revision plans, they will be seated in the "Guided Practice" section of the Writing Center, where tutors move around the section helping students complete their "Yellow" revision plans. If students receive "White" take home revision plans after their one-on-one tutoring sessions, they too can Guided Practice tutoring without the need for an appointment. Students simply show the receptionist staff at the front desk their "White" take home revision sheets.
Click the "Guided Practice Tutoring" button for more information.
Service Description: Reading students who are having trouble with their assignments, whether the assignment is to annotate a text, identify main ideas, identify supporting details, find implied main ideas, practice vocabulary words, outline a summary, close read passages, and so on, may get assistance with one of the Reading and Writing Center's Homework Help tutors. Tutors will identify the reason why a student is having problems and teach students reading strategies that will enable them to complete their assignments on their own. No tutoring appointments are needed for this service and students may receive assistance for as long as they need it. Students simply tell the reception staff that they are in need of Reading Homework Help tutoring.
Click the "Reading Homework Help Tutoring" button for information about tutoring availability.